How to make a referral

A single phone call to Aspen Counseling and Consulting, LLC., will get you started. Call 815-399-9700, and you will speak directly with a trained healthcare professional. Alternatively, fill out the Contact form on this website. Messages will be answered within 24 hours.

Questions are encouraged. We want to ensure that any patients referred to our practice for treatment of their depression utilizing TMS are well-informed.

A free consultation session will be scheduled with the prospective patient at a convenient time. This appointment is held with our psychiatrist or psychologist, and will involve assessment of the prospective patient’s psychiatric history and the suitability of TMS as a treatment approach of their depression or mood disorder.

A schedule for initiating treatment will be established. One 45-minute appointment every weekday for approximately four to six weeks usually is required to adequately complete a course of TMS treatment.