Mental Health Counseling

We all experience periods where we do not feel like ourselves. Whether it is due to loss, stress, anger or other factors, the reasons are as unique as we are. The tendency can be to isolate and bottle up these feelings, but that only serves to increase the hold they have on us.

Believe it or not, talking about these issues can have a positive effect. Through focused individual or couples counseling, therapists can work with you to develop coping skills and implement strategies to recognize early warning signs, increasing your overall coping skill effectiveness.

Mental health problems still carry a strong stigma, which is the primary reason many people do not seek help. Others desire only medication. While medication may be useful, it will not help the development of effective coping skills.

All of our therapists at Aspen hold Master’s degrees, and are licensed mental health counselors.  In addition, Glenn and James hold Doctorate degrees, and are licensed Psychologists.