Insurance coverage

Financing your treatment

Because TMS is a new and still-developing treatment option, many insurance plans do not provide coverage for the therapy, however; that’s changing. After FDA approval and recent healthcare advances, several health insurance plans now offer coverage that ranges from partial to complete reimbursement. As research progresses, insurance coverage for TMS Therapy is likely to expand as well.

Several insurance companies do cover TMS. These include:

Don’t see your company? That doesn’t mean they won’t cover; it just means they do not currently have a policy outlining coverage. In some instances, single case agreements can be arranged, and we are happy to help file them on your behalf.

It is important to remember that Aspen is here to help you through this process.

So How Do I Pay?

Aspen offers several payment options for you and these can be discussed during an initial consultation. It is important to speak to you and gain an understanding of your history of depression before determining total cost. Many patients have chosen such options as taking out a line of credit or utilizing their Health Spending Accounts, as needed. Additionally, there are loan options available, and you can complete applications with us or online in the privacy of your own home. Loans can break payments down to about $150-$200 a month and make the treatment more affordable for many. Click below to open their respective web pages.