For Professionals

Aspen’s TMS staff is here to help assist you with patients who may not have responded to standard approaches for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Our focus is on the patient’s health. You’re a huge part of that, and we want you to retain that role. We’re here to assist you and the patient in finding the best treatment solution. With consent of the patient, we’ll provide you with treatment updates and a summary at the conclusion of TMS Therapy.

TMS and your patient

Psychiatrists, primary care providers, nurses, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and therapists routinely provide professional services for individuals with depression. It can be frustrating when typical treatment approaches are ineffective or unduly time-consuming. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) from Aspen Counseling & Consulting, LLC may be the answer. If you are providing care for an individual who may benefit from TMS, please contact us at any time to discuss the case and determine how we may best serve your client’s needs, together. No medication changes will be made without consultation with you.

What to expect when you refer a patient

At Aspen, we believe that a collaborative approach to patient care is the most effective treatment. We will make every effort to work with you and refer back to you, if possible, with patient consent. Furthermore, with patient consent, we can also welcome you into the treatment room to experience directly how TMS is benefiting your patient.

We will provide a report and on-going consultation for referring providers. Our intent is to keep referring providers informed about our process and the patient’s progress in treatment. You will be notified of any significant events that occur during treatment.

At the conclusion of our treatment course, treatment-related data will be shared with the referring provider, with each patient’s consent.

How to make a referral

A single phone call to Aspen Counseling and Consulting, LLC., will get you started. Call 815-399-9700, and you will speak directly with a trained healthcare professional. Alternatively, fill out the Contact form on this website. Messages will be answered within 24 hours. Questions are encouraged. We want to ensure that any patients referred to our practice for treatment of their depression utilizing TMS are well-informed. A free consultation session will be scheduled with the prospective patient at a convenient time. This appointment is held with our psychiatrist or psychologist, and will involve assessment of the prospective patient’s psychiatric history and the suitability of TMS as a treatment approach of their depression or mood disorder. A schedule for initiating treatment will be established. One 45-minute appointment every weekday for approximately four to six weeks usually is required to adequately complete a course of TMS treatment.