For Employers

Aspen’s employee assistance program (EAP) helps companies increase productivity by assisting employees and their families with issues that have the potential to interfere with job performance and well-being. At Aspen, we enhance employee and workplace effectiveness through prevention, identification and resolution of personal difficulties relating to stress, mental health, marriage and family, addiction and financial and legal concerns.

Aspen’s comprehensive counseling services, physical and mental well-being programs and management services for employers position us as an area leader in EAP services.

Why do I need an EAP?

Aspen’s comprehensive EAP program helps you manage your most valuable resource—your staff. We understand that it is more expensive and time consuming to hire a new employee than to retain one. Stress is a major concern for employers and managers, and mental health issues and substance use continue to be leading causes of illness and lost productivity for employers. Our goal is to assist you in managing the impact of your employee’s personal problems in relationship to job performance in a cost-effective manner. We strive to increase the well-being of your employees through our counseling services, which will in turn, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and retention. Not only do we offer services to your employees, we also support your management team. We address ongoing employee challenges, train supervisors, orient employees, facilitate on-site workshops and address other organizational concerns. Recognizing that your organization has specific needs, we will customize a plan for you.

What types of services does Aspen provide?

For your employees
  • 24-hour crisis telephone hotline
  • Confidential assessments and counseling in the following areas: stress, work-related issues, marital and family problems, mental health issues, addiction and other personal/emotional concerns (usually three to six sessions, depending on your company’s plan, and/or referral to appropriate services in the community)
  • Lifestyle management
  • Access to qualified clinical providers
  • Dependent and domestic partner coverage
  • EAP communication/awareness materials
  • On-site workshops/trainings
  • Health and wellness education programs

For your management team
  • Job coaching
  • Referral support, tracking and follow up
  • On-site orientation to Aspen’s services
  • Supervisory leadership training
  • Labor coordination
  • Emergency intervention/critical incident training debriefing
  • On-site workshops/trainings
  • Management communication and consultation
  • Annual and periodic utilization reports
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Coordination of drug testing program and fitness for duty
  • Department of transportation/SAP assessments

How will I benefit from using Aspen EAP?

  • Reduced expenditures related to employee replacement, medical and disability claims and unemployment compensation costs. The U.S Department of Labor reports that for every dollar invested in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), an employer generally saves anywhere from $5 to $16.
  • Improved productivity. An employee leading a healthy, well-balanced life is more productive and a greater asset to your organization than an employee who is experiencing personal problems. Aspen’s counselors help employees resolve issues that are affecting their lives.
  • Reduce absenteeism. Only one-third of unscheduled days off are because of illness, 67% are absent due to family issues, stress or other personal reasons (CCH, Inc. Unscheduled Absence Survey). Aspen’s licensed and certified counselors are experienced in helping individuals reduce stress in their lives.
  • Retain valued employees. 65-80% of all terminations are due to personal and interpersonal factors (Employee Assistance Report, 2001). Aspen professional counseling staff can help resolve these issues before termination is necessary. Retaining employees is a wise and cost-effective decision. We are here to assist you.
  • Enhance workplace morale. Happy employees and employers tend to have a more positive outlook on their jobs and place of employment. Our services are tailored to help your employees develop solutions to stressful situations in their lives.
  • Improve employee engagement. Employees who feel that their employer cares about their well-being are more apt to deliver excellent job performance and be committed to the organization. Contracting with an EAP is an added benefit to your current employee benefit package.
  • Reduce turnover rates. Aspen’s counseling staff will help you retain valuable employees by providing timely, solution-based counseling to employees who are experiencing problems. Your employees will be able to remain on the job, or return shortly, as productive members of the organization.
  • Minimize risk of on-the-job accidents/injuries. When employees are preoccupied with personal situations, they are more apt to make mistakes that can cause work-related injuries. Aspen is committed to helping your employees resolve personal issues so they can be attentive at work.

Is there statistical evidence of ROI of EAPs?

Yes. Many government and employment entities have done research on services offered by EAPs and how they impact the workplace and job performances. Following are a few:
  • An EAP that is aligned with organizational values and vision will measurably enhance business operations, the overall employee experience and the community perceptions of the company. A well-run EAP will provide a positive ROI (EAP Workgroup, 2007).
  • One study showed that when EAP services were provided to employees, work loss was avoided in 60% of cases with an average savings of 17 hours per case. 72% of these cases showed improved work productivity with an average gain of 43% (Attridge, M., 2001).
  • Companies have reported a savings of $116 per employee in healthcare-related costs as a result of EAP utilization (EAPA Facts, 2000).
  • If 5% of employees used the EAP, the potential monetary savings would be 3.45% of payroll for absenteeism and improved productivity (Employee Assistance Report, 2001).
  • Employers who utilize their EAP at the front end of their managed care system as the gatekeeper for their mental health and chemical dependency benefits reported savings up to 50% (Reach, EAP & Workplace Solutions).
  • Research shows a 20-30% increase in chemical dependency treatment and mental health intervention effectiveness as a result of comprehensive screening through an EAP (EAP Association Exchange, 2001).

How do you determine cost for services?

Pricing for Aspen EAP services is based on the number of people you have currently employed. There is also a start-up/orientation cost per employee, which includes initial orientation for employees, collateral materials, one on-site corporate training per quarter and utilization management reports. Additional trainings and critical incident on-site services are charged separately.

I’m interested In contracting with Aspen EAP. What do I need to do?

Step One Call Aspen at 815.399.9700 and notify the receptionist that you are an employer who may be interested in utilizing our EAP services. An Aspen representative will speak with you to better assess the needs of your organization. We will develop a customized plan/proposal that will address your needs. Step Two We will meet to review the proposal/agreement. If you contract our services, implementation can begin almost immediately. Our goal is to ensure that both managers and employees are familiar with all of our services, as well as how to access them in an easy and time-sensitive manner. Step Three Regular updates, newsletters, utilization reports and corporate trainings will begin. Aspen EAP representatives will be available to discuss and answer any concerns or questions you or your staff may have. Our goal is to provide individualized and comprehensive company care and excellent customer service.

Can my management require a staff to use the EAP?

I am an employer who has contracted with Aspen’s EAP. Can a supervisor or a member of my management team require an employee to use EAP services? Yes they can. There are three types of referrals to the EAP: Formal supervisory referral, informal supervisory referral and self/family/coworker referral. A formal supervisory referral is when a supervisor has identified a problem that is affecting the employee’s job performance. In order to address this problem appropriately, the supervisor requires that the employee goes to the EAP for an assessment. If an employee identifies a problem that he/she is having that is affecting work and/or personal life, the employee can go to his/her supervisor with the concern and the supervisor can suggest that the employee arranges an assessment with the EAP. This is an informal supervisory referral. Also, employees and their families can get an assessment at Aspen without supervisory input.