What types of services does Aspen provide?

For your employees

  • 24-hour crisis telephone hotline
  • Confidential assessments and counseling in the following areas: stress, work-related issues, marital and family problems, mental health issues, addiction and other personal/emotional concerns (usually three to six sessions, depending on your company’s plan, and/or referral to appropriate services in the community)
  • Lifestyle management
  • Access to qualified clinical providers
  • Dependent and domestic partner coverage
  • EAP communication/awareness materials
  • On-site workshops/trainings
  • Health and wellness education programs

For your management team

  • Job coaching
  • Referral support, tracking and follow up
  • On-site orientation to Aspen’s services
  • Supervisory leadership training
  • Labor coordination
  • Emergency intervention/critical incident training debriefing
  • On-site workshops/trainings
  • Management communication and consultation
  • Annual and periodic utilization reports
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Coordination of drug testing program and fitness for duty
  • Department of transportation/SAP assessments